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What to Consider for Self-Storage Rentals

April 11th · No Comments

Self StorageI’m always jealous of people who go on super-extended vacations, like for a month or more, where they go as far as to rent out storage spaces to put their stuff in while they’re traveling the world. If you intend to travel for at least a month, it starts making sense to ditch that rent payment and replace it with a meager self-storage rental that usually a fraction of the cost (and you don’t pay for cable or utilities!). It’s usually pretty easy to find a storage space nearby if you use a search engine like StorageConcierge.

If you are going this route, here are a few things to keep in mind when you look for a self-storage facility:

  • Look for promotions: A lot of places will give you the first month’s rent free or they will offer you the use of their truck, which can save you money when you’re actually moving your stuff.
  • Easy payment options: Make sure it’s easy to pay the bill each month (or even prepay for several months), you don’t want them auctioning off your stuff!
  • Use it as excess storage: If you live near friends or family who have a lot of space, consider using self-storage when you’ve exhausted all other options. While you probably don’t want to leave everything at your friends or family’s houses, you can leave your most valuable items there and use self-storage as spillover.
  • Look for good security: You want to make sure the self-storage area is fenced and well-lit, you won’t be around to guard your possessions so you’d like to believe the storage company will.
  • Shop around: Like anything else you buy, shop around for the best price on the unit you want. Only get amenities you need (like climate control) if the items you’re storing need those perks.

What are your tips for making the most out of self-storage?

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