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Visiting Dortmund & Dortmund University

August 11th · 1 Comment

Martha at Dortmund University

Martha at Dortmund University

In summer after junior year I had the opportunity to study at the University of Dortmund through an exchange program at Carnegie Mellon University. Dortmund is the 7th largest city in Germany located in the North Rhine-Westphalia. It was largely destroyed during WWII due to its strong industrial (coke and oil) plants. Since that time it has been rebuilt and has become a high tech city.

Although Jim got to see lots of pictures and hear many stories about Dortmund he never had the chance to see it in person. This was the perfect opportunity since we were going to visit Germany! After leaving Dublin at 7:30 in the morning we arrived in Dortmund around noon. Even though we were quite tired from getting up very early to make our flight I was very excited to show Jim around town.

Arrival in Dortmund

We quickly went from the train station to a Tourist Information Center to get a map of the city and find our hotel. I booked a room in the Hotel Konigshof, a few blocks down from the city center and the train station. It was a nice room, even though it was a bit antiquated. For example, the room radio was a cabinet stereo located in one of the night stands! Either way, it was clean, quiet and in a perfect location for everything I wanted to show Jim while we were there.

Yummy Lunch at the University

Since it was lunch time when we arrived we took the train to the University of Dortmund. We ate lunch at the mensa, or cafeteria. It was Jim’s first exposure to Curry Wurst and certainly not his last! The food, as I remembered it, was good and well priced. One travel tip that I had read before coming to Europe was that college cafeterias were a great source of cheap and tasty food. In this case it was certainly true. After we ate lunch I showed Jim around the campus and the main building for the chemical and bioengineering classes. After the tour we returned to the center of Dortmund.

Altebier Bowle!

After walking around the city center it was dinner time. We ate dinner and then went to the beer gardens located in the main plaza. One of my favorite drinks while I was in Dortmund was the “Altebier Bowle.” The altebier bowle is orginally from Dusseldorf but is found throughout the region. It is a mix of beer, sugar, sparking wine and strawberries. It is very refreshing for the summertime and can even be made with fresh peaches! Yums!

After savoring our beers, my altebier and Jim’s weiss bier, we headed back to our hotel to get some sleep before an early start to Cologne.

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