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Visit a Local Winery

May 10th · No Comments

With the economy still recovering, long weekend vacations are being replaced with shorter, in-town staycations. One of our favorite things to do is visit a local winery or vineyard. By visiting a local winery, you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, see the lovely grounds, and enjoy some wine when the weather is nice. Oftentimes wineries will have weekend events feating live music, more in-depth tours, and even more generous samplings of their bottlings.

One of our favorite in the region is Boordy Vineyards, which we visited just a short time ago for their Spring Case club event. While that event had a fee, to cover the food, music, complimentary wine glasses, and very generous samplings of every one of their wines, many wineries will charge you nothing to visit.Some will charge a nominal fee, a few dollars, to sample all of their wines.

Wineries can be a lot of fun but it’s important to remember that you still need a designated driver. It may not have the feel of a night out but you are still drinking alcohol so be careful.

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