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United Fliers Stranded in China for 3 Days, Staged Mini-Revolt

July 16th · No Comments

We’re going to China, not on United, in a few weeks and it turns out we’ll miss the 200 United passengers who just staged a near “mutiny.” United Airlines Flight 87 from Shanghai to Newark were supposed to leave last Wednesday but the flight was scratched because of mechanical failure. The next flight, the following day, was cancelled because the part hadn’t reached it. Then again on Friday, when the crew reached maximum flight time restrictions!

So the passengers actually forming a blockade so other passengers couldn’t get on that flight on the following days.

When officials then said another aircraft was on hand to take the Flight 87 passengers, some refused to go to the new gate for that aircraft. Others created a blockade to try to prevent the regularly scheduled passengers from boarding their flight.

“He was like if we’re not getting on that plane, nobody is getting on that plane,” Flight 87 passenger Steve Borowka says to ABC News about a flier who allegedly incited the blockade.

I can’t imagine how I’d respond after three days. I once spent a day in an airport because of a snowstorm and it was pretty bad. But I had food, it was just me (no family or kids to take care of), so I managed. I can’t imagine three days. Customers will get a refund plus $1,000 flight credit.

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