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Unclaimed Baggage Center: Lost Luggage Store

September 13th · No Comments

Ever wonder where all that lost luggage goes? It’s a store in Scottsboro, Alabama.

It’s called Unclaimed Baggage. It’s basically a big warehouse where all the lost luggage of the world goes to find a new home. If you’ve ever lost a bag, chances are it’s made it here where shoppers can buy it on discount. Here’s a peek at what someone bought last year (April 2009), though it’s a little difficult to tell how good of deal they got. It seems that most of the stuff for sale is what you’d expect, clothes, but every so often you might find a 40.95 carat natural emerald or a Barbie with $500 stuffed inside!

I’ve never been there but I’d imagine it’s a lot like treasure hunters at garage sales, hoping to find something cheap and discovering it’s worth hundreds, or thousands, of dollars (or it’s a Barbie doll with $500 inside!). Seeing a dedicated store for this does remind me to do two things – never leave anything of value in checked luggage and always put my name, address, and phone number inside the luggage in several places.

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