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Two Week Trip to China

July 5th · No Comments

In less than a month, we’ll be embarking on a two week trip to Shanghai with a few days in Taipei, Taiwan. After the birth of our son about a year ago, we’ve been wanting to take him to meet my grandfather, his great grandfather, in Taiwan as soon as possible. While our son won’t be a year old, and the long flight will certainly be a challenge, we felt that we couldn’t really wait much longer.

The first leg in the trip involves us flying from Baltimore, MD to Islip, NY to meet up with my parents. We’ll be staying the night and then heading to JFK Airport for the long flight to Shanghai. We’re traveling with my parents so we have four people to watch the little guy, which means a lighter workload for us! 🙂

We’ll be flying on China Eastern and the flights were a fairly reasonable $1500 a piece, with $300 for Alexander (our son) even though he doesn’t get a seat. We secured on the bassinets at the front of the coach sections and, without really knowing the dimensions, hope that he’s able to sleep on it for at least part of the flight. Maybe he can sleep on it for the entire flight! (ok, that’s unreasonable)

We’ll see how it goes!

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