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Travelzoo Top 20 Email Newsletter

March 9th · No Comments

Travelzoo is website that lists all sorts of travel deals and one of their free services is a weekly top 20 deals email newsletter. Occasionally they will also send out breaking news type of deals specific to your home region, so we get a lot of Baltimore / Washington D.C. specific deals. The website is also a great place to start whenever you’re looking for a vacation, as you can quickly tell what’s within your budget and time frame, so I always check it to see if anything appeals to me.

One of the added benefits of getting these emails is that it gives me a better idea of whether something is a good deal. Seeing these deals every week, even though I don’t take advantage of any of them, helps me understand whether a price I see is a good one. Many of the deals are of the last minute or breaking news variety and many are to places I don’t have plans to go to, but it’s still a useful weekly exercise to help me understand whether something is a good deal.

Best of all, it’s free and I don’t get any spam from it!

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