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The Iron Bridge Wine Company in Columbia, MD

December 3rd · No Comments

Last night, Martha and I visited the Iron Bridge Wine Company in Columbia, Maryland (it’s located on Route 108 just west of Centennial Lane). We haven’t had a dining-out type of “date night” since Martha started her doctorate, instead opting more for the “let’s cook something fun together” variety, so we were looking for a nice place, not too pretentious, and felt Iron Bridge fit the bill. Martha had been about a year ago with a couple of her friends but never had an entrĂ©e, they shared wine and some of the amusements and appetizers.


To start, Martha and I shared their fun Cheese & Wine Flight and their Medium Rare Espresso Rubbed Loin of Lamb. The wine flight was fun, you had a plate of three cheeses (a chedder, a brie, and a cheese started started with a “T”) paired with a chardonnay, Brut Champagne, and Green Pointe Shiraz (I believe the pairing was in that order too). The loin of lamb was cooked well and despite being able to see the char, I was surprised I didn’t really taste it. I think the blackberry lamb jus was a nice mild flavor that worked well with the pickled shallots.

I opted for a glass of the 2006 Norton Malbec and it was delicious. I’m not a wine aficionado, which is exactly how I like it to be because it means I can enjoy budget wines without being picky or noticing flaws, but I would buy a few of these bottles to drink at home. Fortunately, the bottles themselves cost only $8.99 at the local store!

The next time we visit, I think the Teriyaki Ribeye Carpaccio or the Pepper Seared Ahi Tuna, given how well they did the lamb, might make good choices. đŸ™‚


Martha had their braised boar entrée, which had a fancy name that escapes me (the menu on the website is a little outdated). It was braised boar tossed with sun dried tomatoes, plums, and noodles. She loved the richness of the dish because the savory flavors of the braised boar married well with the sweetness of the dun dried tomatoes and plums. Only one complaint, some of the noodles stuck together and were a bit underdone.

I had their Short Rib entree, which was an enormous short rib seated on a bed of kale and chips of bacon. It was delicious and that’s not the wine talking. While we never cook with kale at home, I enjoy the texture and you make anything heavenly when you cook it with bacon!

Red Envelope Holiday Giveaway

We didn’t know this when we visited but they are running a fun little holiday giveaway. During December, every time you dine at Iron Bridge your party will be given a red envelope. You can’t open it except on a visit between January 1st and February 11th and inside there will be a prize. They say the prizes range from free glasses of wine and food to dinner for two, every month of the year in 2010. You can find out more on the website.

Overall, we were very pleased with our visit and will definitely go back (especially since we now have a red envelope to use!). Our bill was helped out by a Restaurant.com voucher we bought with one of their 80% off sales (so we bought a $25 gift certificate for $2), so if you’re going to visit and aren’t sure if you’ll like it, I recommend picking up one of the certificates.

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