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Saint Clements Castle in Portland, Connecticut

June 8th · No Comments

St. Clements Castle MenuFor Memorial Day weekend, Martha and I went up to Connecticut to attend our cousin’s wedding at Saint Clements Castle, located in lovely Portland, Connecticut. I’m always a fan of castles but don’t go to Saint Clements expecting to see huge walls, a moat, and gargoyles… it’s not that type of castle. It is, however, a very lovely venue for a wedding, which appears to be one of their big calling cards. The castle overlooks the Connecticut River, has fantastic grounds, and the castle itself is a lot of fun to walk around.

Here another look at the castle:
Castle Building - Rolls Royce

As you can tell, it was a daytime wedding with a 11:30 start time followed by a delicious buffet. It was the first daytime wedding I’ve ever attended and I thought it was great. In fact, I think I prefer daytime weddings to nighttime ones and I’m not really sure why so many people choose to get married at night. I bet you’d miss half the beauty of the grounds and the castle if you had the wedding at night. Plus, with a daytime wedding, you’re done before dinner time and you can get a full night’s rest (if you choose to).

Let’s get back to the Castle…

A view of the Connecticut River and of the wedding setup (how’d those pesky people get in the way???):
Martha & Jim - Connecticut River

There were a lot of fun little areas throughout the building, like this enormous solid wood Irish bar:
Irish Bar

I’m not entirely sure why this little baby is on this barrel behind the bar… unfortunately the barrel is empty.
Baby on a Barrel

We thought this tower was pretty awesome:
Ivy Covered TowerOne minor bummer … you can’t get up into the tower. Yeah, that ivy covered tower that looks so freaking awesome is off-limits. The guy at the front desk said that it was a liability issue, they were afraid that a drunk person would try to climb down the ivy. Someone else said that the tower was under-maintained and the stairs were dangerous. My take is that it’s probably a little of both – it’s probably not the safest stairs to get up to the tower and when you add some drunk adventurous folks, you get a recipe for disaster.

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