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Riding in a Dining Car

August 14th · No Comments

Seats in the DB BordBistro Dining Car

Seats in the DB BordBistro Dining Car

For our two and a half hour ride from Koblenz (Coblenz) to Stuttgart, we opted to avoid the crowds in the second class cars and ride in style in the dining car. Actually, we just wanted to get a bite to eat and the food options are the Koblenz train station weren’t too appealing (we didn’t come to Germany to eat McDonalds!).

We also figured that we had to ride the dining car and eat dining car food to get the full train experience, right? Either way, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and the two and a half hours flew by.

The food in the dining car is decent. I had a filet of pork wrapped in cheese served with spaghetti and tomato sauce. Martha had a bowl of tomato soup and a tuna salad (selection of fresh salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, tuna and sliced onions. We threw in a quarter liter of wine and four Frankiskaner Weissbiers for a total bill of around fifty euros (it’s pricey, but not eye-popping ridiculous).

However, I think the value in the dining car isn’t in the food but in the space you get. We sat in what could’ve been a booth in a restaurant. In fact, I’m writing this post from the dining car and I appreciate the fact that the laptop can sit on a table rather than burn up my lap!

In addition to being fed, which is a great time killer, and enjoying a few brews (priced higher than we saw on the Rhine but cheaper than a pub in Ireland!), we were assured plenty of space. For our entire ride, fewer than half of all the tables were being used.

The only downside of the dining car is that you can’t sleep, so if you were planning on doing that then it might not be a great choice for you. 🙂

Next time you ride a train, consider the dining car even if it’s just to have a couple drinks.

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