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Quoted Airfare Rates Now Include Taxes and Fees

January 27th · 1 Comment

(credit: kymberlyanne)

I was looking at flights over the weekend on Southwest Airlines, my favorite airline, when I noticed that airfares seemed a little higher than normal. It wasn’t until later that I realized the quoted airfare rates now included all government taxes and fees, something that was usually included later whenever you started the “checkout” process. It turns out that the Department of Transportation’s Passenger Protection Regulations Rule #2 kicked in on January 24th and the “Full Fare Advertising” provision would be effective yesterday, January 26th. The Full Fare Advertising provision says that all air fares must include government imposed taxes and fees. It doesn’t require that bag fees or other fees be included (Southwest’s FAQ on the subject).

I love it. I also love the provisions of Rule #2 (they involve notification for delayed flights).

The funny part is that Spirit Airlines is making a huge stink about it, calling it “deceptive” that airlines have to “hide” taxes in quoted airfare rates. Forget the fact that all airlines and sites must now show all taxes and fees in quoted airfare rates (thus leveling the playing field), but Spirit Airlines preferred to show the lower pre-tax and pre-fee rates and then jack up prices afterwards. They’re trying to spin it as if the government wants to secretly hike up fees (which they might, but that still would appear after you check out and every airline would be subject to the fees), but ultimately this is very consumer friendly in that it shows your final price when the search.

So if you’ve started seeing higher fares, just know that it includes all the government imposed fees and taxes on the front end.

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  • 1 Si @thedepartureboard.com // Feb 3, 2012 at 4:59 am

    It’s about time this happened! In Europe we have Ryanair like Spirit some of their hidden charges are so annoying!

    Love the blog, kind regards, Si