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Places To See Before They Disappear

April 22nd · No Comments

Don’t think global warming and climate change exist?

Then why is there a book called 100 Places to Go Before They Disappear?

It’s kind of sad really, that there are endangered places now. The basic premise is that climate change is increasing the temperature of the world, which melts glaciers and causes the sea level to rise. If this persists, certain places in the world will no longer be accessible. Yahoo spoke with the publisher, Gaute Hogh, about the book and the first place he thought of:

The first place that came to Hogh’s mind was the Wadden Sea, a low-lying coastal zone in Denmark where visitors can “walk on water” to see varied landscapes and migratory birds. Hogh fears that rising sea levels will make the crossing too dangerous and destroy its dynamic ecosystem.

The most significant story, at least covered in the press, about climate change and how it can affect people is the Maldives, which recently started building barriers to hold back the oceans. Scary stuff.

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