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Passport Fees Increase July 13th

July 9th · No Comments

US Department of StateOn July 13th, the Department of State will be increasing the price of visas and passports so get your documents squared away as quickly as possible. The cost of a passport for an adult, aged 16 or more, will increase from $100 to $135, including a $25 administrative fee. Those under the age of sixteen will see an increase from $85 to $105 for the passport book. Passport cards, which are less common, will increase $10 from $45 to $55; for under 16, the price increases $5 from $35 to $40. You can see the full list of fee increases at this page from the Department of State.

Also, if you need extra passport visa pages, it’s currently free but will jump to $82 on July 13th (you can only get extra pages if you have fewer than 4 Visa pages remaining). Finally, if you wish to renounce your U.S. Citizenship, the price of that will jump from free to $450.

You still have a few days to file your documents and save yourself some money. Passport books for adults are valid for ten years while for minors they are good for only five.

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