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Passport Application Fees May Increase

March 4th · No Comments

United States PassportAccording to CNN, the State Department has recommended fee increases for some of its services:

  • Additional visa pages – $82 (currently free)
  • Passport renewal – $110 (currently $75)
  • Passport book (first time) – $135 (currently $135)
  • Passport card (first time) – $55 (currently $45)

If this were just a fee increase to generate more money, then the likelihood of it passing would be much smaller. However, the State Department is saying that the current fees don’t cover the costs of the service given all the new security features in the passport books. This becomes less of a “let’s try to make more money” issue and more of a “we need to cover the costs of doing business” and the probability of the fees being implemented go up a lot.

So if you were thinking about getting a passport, you should apply for a passport today and save yourself some money before the hikes. If you’re 16 and older, the passport is good for ten years (5 years if you’re under).

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