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Overseas Travel Preparation Checklist: ‘I Wish I Had Thought of That’ Edition

August 5th · No Comments

One of the unmistakable pressures of an overseas journey is making absolutely sure you bring everything you need while at the same time bringing the minimal amount of stuff with you as possible. Try as we might, it’s inevitable that at some point during an international trip we’re going to want to beat ourselves over the head for forgetting an essential. Avoiding this is nearly impossible especially for first time travelers. But take it from a guy who’s gone through the ordeal twice. The following are things you need to bring before making a B-line to Barcelona and beyond:

Universal Adapter
Anyone who’s seen a comedy about Americans going to another country is no doubt familiar with the folly of forgetting that electrical outlets vary from region to region. What most people don’t realize is that it isn’t some sort of hallmark of backward nations or exotic locations. Great Britain and Australia, two English-speaking nations, each have outlets separate from each other and our own. Most electronics stores sell an adapter that can be amended to fit in any outlet on Earth. It’s well worth it to get one before departing.

Concealable Cash Carrier
Getting pick pocketed while traveling overseas is a common crime for American travelers to be the victims of. It’s not that it’s somehow a rampant occurrence in every country besides the US, but rather chances are you’re going to be sight-seeing in highly populated urban areas where crime is common. In addition, overseas travelers simply have a habit of sticking out like sore thumbs. Nothing fancy is required, but it’s smart to find a way to carry cash around freely without it sitting in a pocket or bag where it’s easy to get to.

The Health and Medical Coverage Situation
Depending on your destination a variety of different situations can occur which could require you or a traveling companion to need medical attention. In some countries universal healthcare is extended to every life within their borders, while in others no such coverage exists. Even if a nation’s single payer will provide for emergency care, long-term attention in the event that it becomes necessary would not be covered. Before you go on any overseas journey, it’s imperative that you talk with your own health insurance provider if you have one, and research the healthcare situation in the country or countries you wish to visit.

Since nobody wants to pay the ridiculous surcharges often associated with using a mobile phone overseas, people tend to leave their phones turned off the whole time. But so long as your phone can get a Wi-Fi signal, you can utilize your data access features. This means a whole army of apps can be at your disposal, which can make international travel so much easier. Translators, landmark finders, and distance logs are invaluable on an international trip.

There are countless things that are handy to have or have sorted out before you depart for an international trip. Unfortunately you only have so much luggage space and time to plan. But take it from a seasoned traveler, the aforementioned will prove to be precious when you embark on a trip overseas.

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