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New Southwest Drink Coupons

December 1st · No Comments

I just earned my 15th and 16th credits in the Southwest Rapid Rewards program, earning me two Rapid Reward vouchers, and they kindly sent me a friendly letter that included my drink coupons. As I opened it up, I noticed the letter lacked the thickness normally associated with the drink booklet inside. Over the years, the vouchers have gotten thinner and thinner, so I wasn’t too surprised.

It turns out that nowadays the four vouchers are integrated into the letter itself, rather than as a standalone booklet. I also saw that the drink coupons had an expiration date set one year into the future and included my name and partially redacted Rapid Rewards number. I don’t know if this is to prevent people from selling their vouchers on eBay (you can get about a dollar a piece for them) or some other kind of fraud.

Here are the new Southwest Drink coupons:
Southwest Drink Coupons

Compare these to the old ones (courtesy of tsmyther):
Older Drink Coupons

And even older ones (courtesy of chunkysalsa):
Even Older Drink Coupons

The booklets get smaller and smaller but the drinks are still free!

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