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MyCokeRewards Priority Club Reward Points Offer

May 27th · No Comments

MyCokeRewardsI was browsing through the MyCokeRewards catalog for any good deals when I spotted a limited time offer Priority Club Rewards Points. I don’t stay in InterContinental Hotels very often, which include Holiday Inns, so this offer isn’t terribly appealing to me but I was still curious how “good” this “limited time” offer really was.

My benchmark reward is the 20 oz. Diet Coke, available for 30 points (up from 24 a few months ago) and worth about $1.49 retail. That puts the cash value of a point at just under a nickel – 4.97 cents to be exact. With that as my benchmark, I can get an honest comparison with any offer in their catalog.

For a limited time, you can buy 2,000 Priority Club Rewards points, the reward program for InterContinental Group, for 630 points. The easiest way to find the cash value of a Priority Club Reward point is to look at the structure for their gift cards:

  • $100 for 29,000 points – $0.0034 per point
  • $125 for 34,000 points – $0.0037 per point
  • $150 for 39,000 points – $0.0038 per point
  • $200 for 49,000 points – $0.0041 per point
  • $250 for 59,000 points – $0.0042 per point

2,000 Priority Club reward points are worth between $6.80 and $8.40, depending on how many points you have already. The limited time offer of 2,000 Priority Club Rewards points for 630 CokeReward points values each Coke Reward point between $0.011 and $0.133 – the Priority Club reward points offer is a bad deal.

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