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Munich: Viktualienmarkt & Train Ride Home

August 21st · No Comments

After our exploration of the Deutsches Museum we had a few minutes before our 5:40pm train so we headed back to the Marienplatz and the Viktualienmarkt.


The Viktualienmarkt is a larger market where you can purchase everything from food to trinkets. It even has a biergarten! It was neat to walk around and see the different wares for sale. We also popped our heads into a few butcher shops for Jim to check out all the different types of wursts! We only had a little time left but its was perfect for a quick loop around the market.

Train Ride Home & GGF. reserviert

Since we took a 5:40pm train back to Stuttgart it was very full with workers headed home. After boarding the train we started to walk through the cars to find two seats together. We quickly saw that most (all but 3?) of the seats were labeled “GGF Reserviert.” With my rough German skills I had no idea what this meant.

I had only seen in the past seats marked “Reserviert” which meant that someone had purchased a train ticket and were due to sit in that seat. The reservations’ departure and arrival towns are noted on the display so that you can sit in the seat until the town when they get on the train.

So what does ggf. reserviert mean? GGF, or gegebenenfalls, is best translated to mean: should the occasion arise. We were explained by a nice traveler that it meant the seats were “probably reserved.” We soon found two seats together and started to relax for our 2.5 hour trip home!

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