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Martha’s NCL Norwegian Sky Cruise to Bahamas Review

July 7th · 1 Comment

As Jim provided a pretty detailed overview of our NCL cruise to the Bahamas I figure that I’ll give you all a little feedback about my favorite parts and least favorite parts of our cruise! Overall I really enjoyed our cruise to the Bahamas but there were definitely somethings that could be improved!

Itinerary and Length of Cruise

I chose the short itinerary (3 nights, 2 full days) for a few reasons and I was still glad at the end of the trip that we chose it! Why so short? We could have the ability to “go on a cruise” but not have to commit to a full week, and this was perfect for our friends who this was their first cruise. I wanted to see the Bahamas but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend a lot of time there since I wasn’t sure what would be there or interesting! Also a nice short cruise allowed our friends who had less vacation time to just take a day off and join us for the cruise.

Next time, I will be interested in going on another “short” cruise but this time I’d pick one that was either a 4 day or a 5 day. I think that 4 -5 days on a decadent floating hotel is the optimal amount of time to see a few ports, lose enough money in the casino and eat enough unhealthy food to be ready to disembark. (Not that I am complaining about the abundance of crepes that I ate daily from the lunchtime buffet!).

The Bahamas were beautiful however in Nassau there isn’t much to do other than go to Atlantis. We walked a fair amount around the island until we got to the fish fry and there was an awesome modified car show going on right outside all the restaurants! It was free and lots of fun to check out the beautifully restored old cars and the updated new cars!

The one thing that I was really looking forward to was our snorkeling trip on Great Stirrup Cay, NCL’s private island. However due to high waves we were unable to travel via tender boats (which are much smaller than a cruise ship) and so had to spend a day “At Sea” instead of snorkeling. We spent the day relaxing, playing games with our friends, and checking out the activities provided by NCL in lieu of those at Great Stirrup Cay. They had lots of things to do, movies to watch, trivia games to play and of course lots of shuffleboard and other deck-game tournaments! Although I was disappointed that we couldn’t go to Great Stirrup Cay I enjoyed the day at sea and was impressed at the activities provided by the NCL Staff.


Our stateroom was not as nice as other interior staterooms that we’ve stayed in. Since this cruise was so short we were only planning to sleep in our room so it wasn’t that much of a disappointment. We were on the highest level of interior staterooms so it made going to the pool decks and bars quite easy!

Dining Options

The food was OK, but not as good as our previous NCL cruise to Bermuda, but it wasn’t bad. Previously I had heard this cruise’s food compared to Applebee’s, and as I’m not a fan of Applebees, I would have to say that the food was much better! The portions were small enough that you could order an appetizer, an entree and a dessert and not be too full to enjoy the rest of the evening. I found it a refreshing change from normal restaurant portion sizes were you can easily eat half an entree and be stuffed!

We only ate at the restaurant options that were already included the price of the cruise. I would like to try the additional cost restaurant options once but I heard from other passengers that though the food was better they didn’t feel that it was worth the cost! End result, we probably won’t end up eating at one of the extra cost restaurants any time soon.


Overall, I had a lovely time on the cruise. The extra day at sea because of the rough weather allowed us to spend some quality time with some friends and really enjoy the food options on the cruise! The only thing I wished was that the trip was a bit longer and we had been able to see more of the Bahamas. Maybe this is how they get you, because next cruise to the Bahamas will have to be longer than 3 days!

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  • 1 Gray // Jul 14, 2010 at 11:54 am

    I totally agree with you about portion sizes on NCL. It’s nice to be able to eat all courses because each one isn’t a pound of food. Very refreshing. I also agree that, with all the activities and dining options to be found aboard cruise ships these days, you really do need at least 4-5 days to enjoy them all.