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Lily Lake Trail, Desolation Wilderness

August 4th · No Comments

We call it a “trail” but in reality there is a road to Lily Lake. Lily Lake also happens to be the trailhead to Glen Alpine Falls and Grass Lake (and many many others), which we hiked the next day, so it’s entirely accessible by car. For those trying to acclimate themselves to the altitude and wanting to make their hiking lives a little easier, getting there on foot can be a nice warm-up to the week’s activities.

Along the way you’ll be treated to a view of some waterfalls:
Falls near Lily Lake

But mostly it’ll be on a road, dodging a few cars, seeing a few sun-bleached trees:
Sun Bleached Fallen Tree

Until you reach the lake:
Lily Lake

If you’re looking for something nice and relaxing, this little paved hike is perfect.

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