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Jugendherberge Burg Stahleck, Bacharach Youth Hostel on the Rhine

September 23rd · No Comments

Berg StahleckLast year, while we drank our way along the Rhine in Germany, one of our stops was in the lovely town of Bacharach. While we decided to stay at a hotel in the town, we did make our way up to the hostel at Burg Stahleck (known as the Jugendherberge Burge Stahleck) just to see what it was like. The trek up was actually a bit of a hike, ascending a few hundred feet I’d imagine, but the views from the top were simply amazing. We got there much later in the day than we had expected but we were still treated to fine views at the top.

The Burg Stahleck was built in the 12th century and is capable of sleeping 168 people in a series of single, doubles, quads, and dorm rooms. We had thought about staying there but only the dorms were available and it was priced as much as our “hotel,” which was located squarely in the middle of the main street. There isn’t much to see in Bacharach itself, so you don’t lose much by staying at the Burg Stahleck, but it’s nice not to have to make the trek back up when it’s dark!

While at the top, we enjoyed a bottle of Reisling, of course, and chatted while watching the Romantischer Rhein.

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