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How to Zip Through Traffic This Holiday Season

December 12th · No Comments

If you think that everyday traffic is painfully excruciating to sit through, then you probably aren’t a fan of the holiday season. People are constantly occupying the road in order to visit family, buy groceries, and purchase gifts at retail stores. It doesn’t matter if you do your shopping online or don’t even celebrate the holidays because you are going to inevitably get stuck in some traffic jams.

If you are turned off by the idea of holiday traffic, your best bet is to just stay inside, watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and not partake in the festivities. If you absolutely must leave the house, here are some tips on reaching your destination in a more efficient manner:

Stay Off Major Roads/strong>

Big box retailers, outlet stores, and shopping malls are all located along major roads in order to draw the most foot traffic. If you are trying to reach a destination by taking the easiest path, you may find yourself waiting in traffic longer than usual.

Look Out for Traffic Police/strong>

Police are out in full force during the holiday season. The most car crashes and accidents happen at this time of year because people drive recklessly, aggressively, or even intoxicated. In order to curb these driving habits, police issue more citations that can ruin the average commuter’s day. Drive with extra care and follow the rules closely from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

Find Alternate Routes to Work/strong>

Getting to work in the morning can seem like a longer task than usual due to road congestion. People aren’t just trying to make it to their jobs, but are also out shopping and running unusual errands. By logging onto Google Maps and altering your normal route, you can discover new ways that are more efficient to get to your destination.

Leave Work Early or Late/strong>

One of the worst parts about the November and December is that the sun is out less than any other time of the year. Drivers have to adjust their vision and usually drive slower in order to accommodate. If you get into your job early you can avoid heavy morning traffic, finish your work, and then leave before the sun goes down.

Park in the Back of the Parking Lot

If you have to go to the store to purchase your holiday gifts, you will notice that the cars in the front of the parking lot never seem to move from their location. They have figured that they are never going to get a spot that good again so they will keep it forever. If they do decide to leave they find out that leaving the busy parking lot is harder than actually finding a good spot and wait in line to get out. By packing in the back of the lot, you can get out of the store and back home faster.

The only person who can reasonably beat holiday traffic is Santa because he uses a flying sleigh instead of a car. While you can’t rely on magic to take you around town, you can learn when to avoid the busiest times on the road and inconvenient stops by taking time to plan out your route.

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