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Hiking Patapsco Valley State Park

July 13th · No Comments

OK, the title is a little misleading because we didn’t hike all of Patapsco Valley State Park, but we did take one of the trails off the Park and Ride near the end of 195 and MD 166 (Rolling Road). The trail isn’t terribly challenging, it has no significant elevation changes nor does the surface ever deviate much from a dirt path. It’s a popular mountain biking path, as evidenced by the dozens of mountain bikers we avoided on our trek through the forest. It makes for a nice walk with a someone lazier dog (we have a Beagle and he’s more interested in the scents than anything else).

Here’s the marker for the trail head:
Patapsco Valley State Park Trailhead

Here’s a shot of me and our dog Tobey:
A Man and His Dog

The scenery is mostly woodland areas and every so often you cross over a wet puddle or two:
The Trail (with water!)

All in all, it’s a nice relaxing hike that gets you a little exercise but isn’t terribly taxing. If nothing else, it’s a little appetizer for what’s to come when we go to Lake Tahoe!

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