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Hash House A Go Go, San Diego

January 12th · No Comments

Hash House a Go Go (San Diego)
In the Las Vegas episode of Man V. Food, Adam stops by the Hash House A Go Go in Las Vegas to show off some of their delights. I had no idea, and only knew because of the food, that I had been to a Hash House before in San Diego!

I was in San Diego for a conference and my friend Nate recommended that we go to Hash House (I didn’t know the rest of the name) for breakfast because it was one of his favorites in San Diego. While he lives in Missouri, the city of his dreams is San Diego and he’s been more times than he can count. When he recommends something in SD, I listen.

So we made a stop right before our flights home and made a point to get there early because Nate said the place gets packed very quickly. I think we got there just as it opened, just to make sure we’d have enough time to enjoy and make it to our flights.

I ordered the house hash – Roasted Chicken, garlic, onions, asparagus and rosemary. It was absolutely delicious. If you ask Martha, she’ll tell you that I’m not a breakfast person and she’s right… I’m not. However, hash is different and the Hash House’s hash is really different. My hash? Honest to goodness roasted chicken pulled from the bone. It smelled delicious (how couldn’t it? it had garlic, onions, and rosemary!) and tasted even better. I was hungry and I didn’t even come close to finishing it. At one point I was sad because if I wasn’t jumping on a plane, I’d totally take it home with me to enjoy for the next three days.

I forget what Nate ordered but we also ordered Apple Cinnamon flapjacks. The thing was enormous and has whole pieces of apple in it. Entire slices of apple. The food was about as good as you can get and now that I know there is one in Vegas as well, I’m going to make a point to visiting the next time I’m there.

(Photo: Hash House A Go Go)

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