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Guinness Storehouse Tour in Dublin

August 3rd · 1 Comment

The events in this post occurred on July 23rd, 2009.

For our first taste of Dublin, we went on a tour of the Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate. I am a big fan of stouts and of Guinness in particular, so it was something I looked forward to.

Getting to the Storehouse was simple once we got our Rambler tickets. From the Burlington we took a bus to get to City Center. From City Center we headed west to the storehouse. Since Guinness originated there 250 years ago, the way is clearly marked. 🙂

How to Buy Tickets

Buy the tickets online and print out the email confirmation (or just write down your confirmation number). The tickets are cheaper online (10%) and you can avoid the ticket lines at the factory itself. Like the movie theater, there are kiosks to the left of the entrance where you can print out your tickets and walk on through.

The Factory Tour

The tour itself is self-guided, though an employee will give you an opening 15-minute speech about the factory itself. We caught the tail end of that speech and there wasn’t much to it.

The tour gives you a great overview of how beer in brewed as well as what separates Guinness from others. As a homebrewer, it was a treat to learn what they did to make Guinness the way it is. I didn’t know much of the history of Guinness either, such as their 9000 year lease on their current property and how the Guinness Book of World Records got started, and so it was entertaining to learn.

Free Pint with Ticket

Included in your ticket is a free pint at one of two locations in the factory. The first is on the fourth or fifth floor where you can “pour your own pint,” complete with certificate and photo opportunity. We skipped that. The second location is at the Gravity Bar, which is located at the very top of the storehouse.

From up there, the view of Dublin is absolutely marvelous. You get a 360 degree view from one of the highest vantage points around. It was very busy whenever we went so we had to watch like hawks for four seats, which took a bit of time but worth it. You can enjoy your pint of Guinness, complete with a shamrock of foam, while enjoying the sights.

You can probably do the whole experience in about two hours, depending on how long you like to enjoy your Guinness and how closely you read all the placards, and it’s well worth it.

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