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Europe Adventure 2009

July 26th · 1 Comment

In mid-July of 2009, my wife Martha and I (Jim) embarked on a nearly four week vacation in Europe. She was going to start her doctorate in the fall, which is a four to five year commitment, so we felt that this summer was our best opportunity to take a vacation like this one. Our itinerary consisted of England, then Ireland, then Germany, through Switzerland, followed by Italy, then Scotland, and then finally back to England. It’ll be a bit of a whirlwind tour but with four weeks, we feel we can get to enjoy a lot of the sights without feeling rushed.

Many of the posts in the Europe Adventure 2009 series were written as the trip was taking place, though they were to be published afterwards. It’s also the first set of posts for Wanderlust Journey so we’ll be working the kinks of the blog as we good.

Hopefully you can get a taste of the local flavor of each place we stop at and we can use this as both a diary and a helpful guide should you decide to take a trip to one of these places!

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