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Disney Scraps/Denies Plan to Limit Roaming Characters

January 27th · No Comments

Mickey MouseA week ago, Mouse Planet reported that Disneyland was planning on limiting the number of roaming characters, they’re known as “walkarounds” or “atmosphere characters,” in order to increase their PhotoPass sales (they’ve since backed down). Atmosphere characters just wander the park interacting with guests, which includes photographs. When you take your own photo, you don’t have to pay Disney (though you did pay a fortune just to get into the park!). When you have one of their PhotoPass photographers take your photo with their camera, you get a card and you can buy your photo later on.

While I can understand the outrage, I don’t think they had atmosphere characters at Walt Disney World in Florida. I think the characters were always in designated areas at designated times. You could always take photos with your camera, you just had to wait in line. I can understand it though because after seeing those lines, it’s no shock that characters would get mobbed. When you consider how little they can see in those costumes, it can be a very scary experience!

So, I can understand being upset but I can also understand Disney’s perspective.

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