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Discount Airline Flying Tips

August 8th · No Comments

After writing about our experience flying on Ryan Air from London Luton to Dublin, we thought it would be helpful if we listed some of the lessons we learned from our trip.

Discount airlines are a great value if you understand how they work (ie. where they try to get you) and they can be disasterous if you don’t.

Tips for Flying Discount

Here are some tips that we found useful when flying:

  • Know the current weight and luggage size requirements of your airline. We read incorrect information on the Aer Lingus website and checked in a bag we didn’t need to check in. The website stated a carry-on weight limit of 6kg/13lb. when it was actually 10kg/22lb. By the time we found out, we had already paid to check in the bag and there was no way around it, fortunately it was only 15 euros.
  • If you don’t have a scale, take advantage unattended counters. If you put your luggage on the scale, you can usually see a read-out on the counter. Take advantage of those scales to get your weight within the requirements.
  • Check in your heaviest bag first, if its overweight then you have the flexibility to remove items and place them into your lighter bag.
  • Airlines rarely weight carry-on luggage but if you have to remove items from an over-weight checked bag then they will weigh your carry-on (you had to put it somewhere!).
  • Carry-on bags have to be within the regulated sizes, and only one per person, be careful since this may mean that you’ll have to stuff your purse into a carry-on bag. They don’t measure carry-on luggage but remember it has to fit in the overhead storage racks.
  • Bring extra bags for going through security with liquids. This way if a friend forgets theirs you have an extra. If you both forget a bag then you can normally purchase one. We’ve seen them ranging in price from 4gbp per bag to 1e for two bags! (4gbp was at Luton Airport, where only budget airlines fly… they will try to get you for more money everywhere!)
  • If you know that you’ll need to check in a bag, purchase it (if required) online, it is cheaper than at the check-in counter.
  • Don’t forget to remove your umbrella when going through the x-ray in security. This was a new requirement for the US travellers and I almost had to go back through.
  • Purchase drinks/snacks before boarding the plane. The food and drink selection is larger, better tasting, and cheaper, than what is offered on board.

Do you have any helpful hints for flying on discount airlines?

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