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Dealing with Post-Trip Blues

January 7th · No Comments

Katie at Vagabonding offered up a few tactics to combat post-trip blues including returning to a routine as quickly as possible, write about the trip, and planning the next one immediately.

Personally, I find that documenting the trip is one of the best ways to combat post-trip blues because not only does it give you the opportunity to relive your experiences, you aren’t left idling. One of the motivations for starting Wanderlust Journey was to combat the post-trip blues after our month-long vacation to Europe. After a solid month of travel and seeing new things everyday, it can be a little sad not to wake up to that feeling of “hmmm, what will we get to do today?”

However, by documenting the trip and documenting the planning and preparation for the next trip, you still get to the enjoy past travels and future potential travels!

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