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Cruise Cashback Hack: Charge Casino Chips to Stateroom

January 31st · No Comments

Going on a cruise? Here’s a tip that will guarantee you walk away from the casino a winner – charge your chips to your stateroom. Many cruise lines will let you charge your chips to your stateroom because they want you to have easy access to gambling money! So they’ll offer it as a convenient service, one that you can take advantage of. Simply withdraw the chips, charge your stateroom, and cash them in for money later on. When it comes time to pay for your room, charge it to a credit card and pocket the sweet rewards.

This trick doesn’t work everywhere and cruise lines are becoming savvier about people gaming the system (it is a casino after all!). For example, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Carnival let you charge your chips to your stateroom, but they limit you to $1,000-$2,000 per day and usually some set amount per trip. You may personally have a lower limit in your mind because you’ll have to walk around the cruise ship with the cash as spending it would be counterproductive (if you use it to buy anything you could’ve otherwise used your card for then you might as well use your card in the first place and save yourself the trouble!).

Some cruise lines will charge you a fee of around 3% to put the chips on your stateroom, which is a deal killer. It would be silly to pay a 3% charge and earn 1% in rewards!

Finally, remember that US customs requires you to declare sums of cash over $10,000, even if they came from your credit card. 🙂

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