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Continental and United Airlines Merger

May 4th · No Comments

It was announced recently that Continental and United Airlines would be merging to form the largest domestic airline carrier in the United States. The New York Times Bucks blog did some research to find out what would happen to your frequent flyer miles on each airline and came away with some good news. While it’s not definitive, I’m inclined to believe what they’re guessing will happen.

  • Your miles will convert to the new system, whichever direction they go.
  • Both airlines are part of the Star Alliance, which lends credence to the idea that your miles will be fine. This works out better because instead of having Continental miles and United miles, you would consolidate and have one larger balance
  • More opportunities to use those miles, as they have slightly different coverages.

We’ll see if this ends up being a net win for the rest of the ticket buying population.

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