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Clear Registered Traveler Program Revived

May 5th · 1 Comment

Clear Registered Traveler cardLast year, the Clear Registered Traveler program was shuttered but may see new life as a new company, AlClear, purchased its assets out of bankruptcy last month. For a cool $6 million, AlClear purchased everything except for the individual contracts with airport operators, which means the rollout of the program will take a bit of time.

The original Clear program was an annual subscription service that let you bypass security lines at the airport. You had to subject yourself to an investigation, after providing your name, address, email, Social Security number and Passport information; and almost 200,000 had signed up to the service. Members were issued a smart card within two weeks and could use that at the airport, if the airport supported it. The card carried encrypted biometric information, four finger prints, two iris templates, and a photo of your face; to be used in identifying you during the security screening process.

The fee appears to be $179 a year plus $50 to convert an individual to a family plan. Whether or not they will overcome the problems that faced the original Clear will remain to be seen.

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  • 1 Martha // May 6, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    I was interested in registering for the free version of this program in England but I was turned away since I didn’t travel to the UK often enough. This looks like a nice concept but $179 is a little steep for me. Does anyone else have an opinion? Do you think that its worth it for $179?