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Choosing a Specialty Vacation

July 25th · No Comments

As Jet Set Citizens, we tend to avoid super touristy locations or expensive resorts; however, there is a time and a place for the occasional luxury vacation. While I certainly prefer a more off-the-beaten-path vacation nestled in the heart of a country’s culture, I do also enjoy a good few days lounging on the beach and being served fruity drinks every once in awhile. If you have the funds and feel like pampering yourself, a few great places to consider for vacation include:

Athletic Resorts
In keeping with the Jet Set Citizen mindset of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, travelers can certainly embark on a vacation that is geared towards athletics. A tennis resort, a scuba diving school, or even an equestrian center can all provide excellent vacations, and they also offer something new to be learned. Although travelers won’t have much interaction with the outside world at resorts such as these, they will be able to stay active and will have the time needed to hone skills and be around peers with similar interests.

Backpacking is a great way to see multiple countries in one trip, but then again, so is cruising. Cruises can range in duration from 3 days to months on end, and travelers don’t have to worry about a thing. Unlike backpacking, you won’t have to worry about the safety of where you are eating or sleeping and all activities will be planned for you. Although the guess work and random destinations are often a highlight of traveling on the fly, not having to worry about when and where can also be nice from time-to-time too.

If you truly don’t want to do anything for a few days, but don’t want to sit at home in front of your TV, choosing to stay at an all-inclusive resort can be a nice option. Generally flight and accommodation packages start low online, and everything from drinks to activities to your hotel room is including in an affordable price. Don’t expect to find much culture when staying on resorts like these though. Even though many great all-inclusive resorts are located in countries like Mexico or Barbados, they are highly Americanized, and are generally just for those who need a little rest and relaxation for awhile.

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