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Chase Sapphire Review

July 14th · No Comments

The Chase SapphireSM is Chase’s premier rewards credit card designed for people who love to travel. Besides a sleek look that makes the card look like a jewel, you get premier travel protection on your trips and a 24/7 dedicated service advisor (like in the commercials) all for no annual fee.

Earning Rewards

The rewards structure is pretty standard – 1 point for most purchases and 2x points earned on airfare booked through Ultimate Rewards. The points never expire, which is a fantastic perk, and there is no annual fee. A no annual fee travel rewards credit is very rare. Most credit card companies will waive the first year’s fee but charge it in subsequent years, but Chase doesn’t with the Sapphire card. No annual fee means no annual fee this year and no annual fee next year.

Here’s a little extra incentive that very few other rewards cards are offering: after your first purchase, you hit the ground running with 10,000 Ultimate Rewards reward points, worth $100 in rewards from many of their partners.

Redeeming Rewards

Ultimate Rewards is the rewards program and redeeming your points is as straightforward as at any other program. You can convert your points into gift cards from places like Best Buy and you can also convert it into products from vendors like Amazon. The redemptions start at 2,500 points so you can convert them fairly quickly.

If you prefer cash, you can do that as well by turning 2,000 points into $20. Some reward programs make it difficult, or at least expensive, to convert your points back into cash but not so with Ultimate Rewards.

Chase Blueprint

If you’ve seen the commercials about Chase’s new Chase Blueprint program, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s available on the Chase Sapphire as well. Chase Blueprint helps you map out a payment plan that works with your tendencies. There is a suite of budgeting tools to help make sure you don’t overspend and you can pick several ways to pay back your balances.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Chase Sapphire card because it’s one of the few travel rewards cards that doesn’t have an annual fee and has favorable point earning schedules.

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