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Cashmere Scarf Shopping in Edinburgh

September 30th · 3 Comments


What would a trip be without shopping? Just joking, but really, Edinburgh is a great place to purchase cashmere since it is one of the main exports of Scotland. During our time in downtown Edinburgh we were able to get some beautiful cashmere scarfs for Christmas gifts. This was the first time during our whole trip that we were able to purchase things that we wouldn’t have to carry much longer on our trip so it was a perfect opportunity to check out what Scotland had to offer.

Along the Royal Mile there are plenty of shops that offer cashmere and wool products of all sorts. We walked in and out of many of them until we found a deal that we were satisfied with. Rachel even got the shop to match prices and got her a great deal!

We ended up purchasing a few scarfs for our family however I still look back at one pair of gloves that had cut off fingers and wish that I got them! Oh well, I guess we’ll have to go back to Scotland! ūüôā

Man! I wish I bought those gloves!

Man! I wish I bought those gloves!

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