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Carnival Cruise Lines Shareholder Discount Benefits

June 15th · 3 Comments

Carnival CruisesDid you know that Carnival Corporation will give you onboard credit if you own Carnival stock? If you own 100 shares of CCL, you’re entitled to onboard credit based on how many days you’ll be sailing.

  • 14 days or more – $250
  • 7 – 13 days – $100
  • 6 days or less – $50

If you’re sailing on their UK, Continental Europe, or Australian branded cruise lines, the benefit is similar but at slightly different values. In the UK, you get £125, £50, and £25. In Continental Europe, it’s €200, €75, and €40. Finally in Australia, you get AUD250, AUD100, and AUD50.

Shares are, of this writing, trading at $37.28 a share.

The exact terms and conditions of the benefits for 2010 are available here. It says that the benefit is applicable for sailings through July 31st, 2010 and that you have to reserve by February 28th, 2010 so it might be a offer only available in the beginning of the year.

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  • 1 Nat // Jun 23, 2010 at 9:36 am

    Just so there is no confusion this is a benefit that CCL corp has to renew yearly. To date this benefit has been renewed every year (last year the dividend was cut before they cut this shareholder benefit was eliminated.

    Buy the stock because you think it’s a good investment..the shareholder benefit is nice but you are going to spend about $3,700 to receive $50 or $100.

  • 2 Jim // Jun 23, 2010 at 11:00 am

    That’s an excellent point, this post was more for people who were already shareholders who didn’t know about the benefit.

  • 3 Ray // Jul 4, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    Or buy 100 shares in one brokerage account and sell 100 shares short in another.

    For the price of 2 commissions you’ll get $100 or $250 for each cruise.

    So far my $10 in commissions has saved me $500.