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Boutique Hotels Offer Great Loyalty Perks

September 26th · No Comments

One of the knocks against smaller boutique hotel chains is that their loyalty programs just aren’t that great. When you compare it with the wide selection of a Marriott, or enormous hotel chain, smaller boutique chains just can’t compete on sheer numbers alone. Fortunately, they compete in other ways.

I’ve been going to Kimpton Hotels for several years now because their service is fantastic, the rooms are spacious and beautiful, and it’s a great experience overall. What makes it even better is that you can join their Kimpton InTouch program and it gives you free Wi-Fi and two “honor-bar” items, basically $15 to spend in the room’s mini-bar. It always infuriates me when I find out my $200 a night room also charges me $20 for Wi-Fi, so that’s a perk.

The next time you are thinking about boutique versus a major chain, take a quick peek at the loyalty program to see what you can get for free just by signing up.

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