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Beware Disgruntled Pilots (Spirit Pilots Strike)

June 13th · No Comments

It seems that more and more often, one of the biggest risks in flying these days is having flight staff go on strike or an airline go bankrupt. This weekend, Spirit Airlines canceled Saturday and Sunday flights because of a pilot strike. 16,000 passengers across 150 flights were refunded their fares, given a $100 credit towards future flights, and were sent along their un-merry ways.

Unfortunately, the Passenger’s Bill of Rights doesn’t protect passengers in this scenario. The bill of rights mostly protects you from being stuck on a plane for a million hours and a few other issues, but it doesn’t protect you against strikes.

What will protect you, at least a little bit, is being aware of labor negotiations of the airline you’re flying with. While imminent strike is something to look for, just seeing labor issues isn’t enough since Spirit Airlines and its pilots have been in negotiations for more than three years.


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