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Best Bets:Las Vegas – Mac King Comedy Magic Show

February 9th · No Comments

One of my favorite activities to do in Las Vegas is to see the Mac King Comedy Magic Show! Every time I travel to Las Vegas I made to sure to stop by Harrah’s and enjoy the show! Its ranked #11 of 581 Attractions on TripAdvisor with some great reviews. I think its a Las Vegas best bet because of these reasons:

Bang for your Buck
The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is a 70 minute show that you and a friend can enjoy for under $26! Not only will you be laughing so hard for the show but you also can get a free drink with each admission. I think it is the best value per dollar available on the strip.

One tip: When at the bar remember to ask for the type of alcohol by name, otherwise you’ll get the cheaper alternative. For example: “I’ll have a Bailey’s on ice, please.”

In order to get the cheapest tickets available, take a walk on the outside of Harrahs near a circle of vendors and sound-stage, called the Carnival Court. Normally you will find a Harrahs employee (or a Harrahs Show Girl) handing out coupons that make two tickets + drinks for about $26 after taxes. When we went in June, we just missed the employee but were able to find some half price coupons on the ground… a little dirty but well worth the discount!

If you can’t find either then ask your hotel or within Harrahs. Many places will offer coupons for local attractions. Just don’t ask for coupons in the ticket line, they will probably not give you one 🙂

Audience Participation
When I went with a group of 12 friends, we were sure to show up 30 mintues prior to the show’s start. We were first seated in the tables in the middle of the theater but after a polite request were treated to some first class seats in the front! This put us in the prime location to be picked as Mac King’s helper. One of my friends was actually chosen and we had a great time watching her on stage! If you’re a little shy, just tell the ushers that you don’t want to go on stage and they’ll take care of it.

After the show Mac King waits outside the theater doors to take pictures, sign autographs and sell Magic Kits. Both times that I have met him, he has been really nice and friendly.

Break from Gambling
Last but not least, this is a best bet because it provides a nice break from the gambling! Plus you’ll probably feel like you spent your $26 on something worthwhile in comparison to how I feel after I lose $20 with a few hands of Blackjack!

If you’re heading to Las Vegas any time soon, check out the Mac King Comedy Show and let me know you think its a best bet!

The Details:
The Mac King Comedy Show is located at Harrahs in Las Vegas on Tues – Sat, with shows at 1pm and 3pm.

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