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Avoid Layovers

May 16th · 1 Comment

A couple months ago I flew from Baltimore Washington International to San Diego, with a layover in Charlotte, NC. The flight wasn’t the cheapest but it had the fewest number of layovers for the day I wanted to fly, so I begrudgingly purchased it.

As I landed in Charlotte, I checked my email and US Airways notified me that our flight was to be delayed two hours with no reason provided. Later, I would learn that apparently there were “mechanical problems” and after a two hour wait, we were on our way to San Diego.

It underscores the risk of layovers and it was annoying that I had to spend two hours of my trip sitting in an airport. I usually fly Southwest, direct with at most a stop (but not plane change) in a city, and very rarely have I ever seen a two hour delay with hardly an explanation.

I’d really be interested to learn the statistics of layover delays because that would help me decide how much I’d be willing to pay to avoid wasting two hours.

All in all, Charlotte was a perfectly fine airport, though a little chilly at 8AM as the A/C was cranking on overdrive in anticipation of the likely high temps during the day, and I had a Quiznos sub while I watched Tiger Woods play the last three holes at the British Open.

Lesson of the day – avoid layovers. Avoid at all costs!

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  • 1 Heather Stearns // May 20, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    I’m with you and try to avoid layovers at almost all costs. However, I’d rather take the layover than fly in a plane that didn’t get properly serviced for “mechanical problems” 🙂