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Another Reason to Skip Airline Food

July 1st · No Comments

LSG Sky ChefsIt’s been a while since I’ve flown an airline that offered a meal and it turns out I was doing myself a favor. In a recent FDA report, as reported by USA Today, it was revealed that the meals served by major airlines are prepared in “unsanitary and unsafe conditions that could lead to illness.” The catering facilities that make the food were cited for health and sanitation violations after an inspection last year.

Now, a few violations are normal in almost any kitchen (yes, scary, but still true), but the number and scope of them is a little scary. Three caterers were cited – LSG Sky Chefs Gate Gourmet, and Flying Food Group. You probably recognize their trucks as they load up your flight, if you’ve ever watched them, and they were cited for cockroaches, storing food at improper temperatures, unclean equipment, and use of works with poor hygiene. It’s pretty gross.

The last place I want to get sick is on an airplane…

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