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Almara House B&B Review

August 6th · 2 Comments

While I briefly mentioned the amenities at the Almara House B&B in my post about the first night in Galway, I thought the placed deserved a more in-depth description.

The Almara House is a nine-bedroom bed & breakfast approximately ten minutes away from the main activity in Galway. If you don’t have a car, waiting for the bus can be a pain because the stop is uncovered and comes every fifteen to thirty minutes.


Each night you’re asked to select a starter and main entree for the following days’ breakfast. Breakfast also included coffee/tea and toast, with a selection of jellies and butter. Both mornings I had a yogurt granola starter, called something I can’t remember, which was delicious.

The first day I had myself the full Irish breakfast, which consisted of two rashers (bacon), two sausages, an egg, black pudding and white pudding. Of all the meals, it’s the largest by far. I wanted to try a full Irish breakfast at least once and what better place than at a Bed & Breakfast right? (anywhere you go, a full irish Breakfast would run you close to 8-9 euros, so it’s a pretty good value too)

Black & White Pudding

When we were planning our trip, I had people recommend, laughingly, that I give the black and white pudding a try because of what’s in it. Unfortunately for them, I kind of enjoyed the two because they were something different. It’s one of those instances where I wasn’t revolted but pleasantly surprised, but I didn’t I enjoy it enough to order it again.

If you don’t want quite so many rashers or sausages and not a fan of pudding, get the medium because it’s a rasher, a sausage, and the egg. Still good, just not as stodgy.

The second day I opted for the same starter but for the sausages and chili sauce. It was three breakfast sausages and a bit of chili sauce, exactly as described. It was good but I had to load up on a few more pieces of toast.


We were in Room 6, which was towards the front of the house. It gave us a view of the backyard, which had some nice landscaping and a little fountain. Our friends were staying in room 9, right across the “hall.”

The room itself was nice but felt a little small because the queen sized bed dominated the room. The room only extended about a foot and a half from the foot of the bed and then you had about two to three feet to each side. This wasn’t a problem because we didn’t spend much time there, except to play a few games after coming home from the pub.

One feature I wished they had was access to the living room or some other larger area we could spend some time in. The dining room was always set up for breakfast so we couldn’t really hang out in there and we weren’t sure if the living room was available.

Overall, I was very pleased with our stay at the Almara House. It was conveniently located on the bus route of the Number 9 bus which took us right into the city. While we didn’t take advantage of the nearby Papa Johns or Supermac’s, we did think about it a few times after a couple pints at the pub. 🙂


  • Exceptionally friendly
  • Free wi-fi
  • Self-serve coffee and teas on the 2nd floor
  • Generous breakfasts
  • Fairly priced, award winning B&B


  • No larger rooms to congregate

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  • 1 lostAnnfound // Aug 21, 2009 at 8:16 am

    White pudding is delicious, but I have never been able to acquire a taste for black pudding.

  • 2 Jim // Aug 21, 2009 at 9:19 am

    It’s not bad, I liked it more than haggis. 🙂