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Airlines Promise Not to Charge for Carry-On Bags

April 19th · No Comments

Ever since Spirit Airlines announced a $45 fee for carry-on luggage a few weeks ago, the travel world has been talking about how the fees have started to get ridiculous. It also seem s a little silly but Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat from New York, contacted American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines and US Airways and secured promises they would not charge for carry-on bags.

I think it’s a little silly that he went to those lengths but I agree 100% with the bill he introduced that would amend tax laws regarding these types of fees. As it stands now, there are loopholes that let airlines collect certain fees and avoid taxes on them, which seems unfair as they are turning to these fees to generate a profit. The name of this bill? Block Airlines’ Gratuitous Fees Act, a.k.a. the BAG Fees Act.

It would prohibit fees for carry-on bags that meet existing standards for weight and size, and require carriers to make detailed information about the fees available to passengers in advance.

I think these fees are starting to get ridiculous and it’s harder for consumers to make an informed choice when things aren’t uniform. While I don’t see it as the government’s place to regulate them, they do need to protect the consumer.

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