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Afternoon at Boordy’s: Spring Case Club Event (2010)

April 12th · No Comments

Boordy Spring Case ClubMartha and I are fans of trying to support local businesses and tops on the list are local wineries. Every year we attend Wine in the Woods, an annual wine festival that takes places just a stone’s throw from our house. Local, and not so local wineries, visit nearby Symphony Woods for an afternoon of wine sampling, picnics, music, and relaxation. On our first trip, we discovered a winery located fifteen minutes north of Baltimore called Boordy. We instantly fell in love with their Riesling, which is their best selling white wine, and learning it was a local vineyard was an added bonus.

In the years since our first Wine in the Woods, we’ve visited Boordy a couple times and always loved it. We’ve been fortunate in that the weather has always cooperated and we’ve had great company to boot. Yesterday, we attended their Spring Case Club event and it was no exception! We drove up with our friends Renee and Sam, through the winding back roads, and arrived at Boordy just in time for the festivities.

Spring Case Club Event

On Saturdays in April, Boordy has a Spring Case Club event where you get to sample all their wines and have it paired with some great food by Dean and Brown Catering. The cheese spread is paired with their Chambourcin-Merlot 2009. A delicious salad of field greens, strawberries, and goat cheese is paired with their Pinot Grigio 2009. A grilled gunpowder bison sausage with orzo and spring vegetables, probably my favorite of the two “entrees,” is paired with the Petit Cabernet 2008. Then you have a chicken with Rosemary cream sauce paired with their Seyval-Chardonnay-Vidal 2008. Finally, a spread of various chocolate and fruit mini pastries enjoyed with their Eisling 2008 and Veritas Port 2006. (by the way, the Gunpowder bison sausage was absolutely delicious, they are a local producer too!)

If you’re a fan of Boordy and in the case club, this is an event you’ll want to attend if you haven’t been back in a while. It’s a smaller group, maybe a 100 people?, and my feeling is that they were more generous with the samples. I had a chance to try their Landmark Reserve 2007, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (45%), Merlot (29%), and Petit Verdot (26%), enough times to know I wanted to take a couple bottles home with me. In fact, I had a lovely chat with Rob, who I didn’t know owned Boordy, about their western Maryland growing area in the Catoctic Maryland Viticultural Area where the grapes for the wine were grown.

Good Life Thursdays

Another event we heard about several times was their Good Life Thursdays Farmer’s Markets. In talking to Joan from One Straw Farm, a local CSA we were/are thinking about joining, she said that it’s a great way to spend a Thursday night when the weather is great. She was there to talk to people about One Straw Farm CSA and we talked for a good half hour about everything from Good Life Thursdays (spend a few bucks on a local burger, buy some fresh local produce, enjoy some wine… sounds like a perfect Thursday night to me!) to CSAs to all these recipes involving kale and sweet potato leaves (Sam does a lot of work in Africa, where sweet potato leaves are a stample crop).

Boordy Case Club

The “Case Club” is their membership system where you get 10% off your first case, 15% off your 2nd and 3rd cases, and 20% for the rest of your life. 🙂 There’s no membership fee and you get to attend “exclusive” events like their case club events. For $25pp, we were able to sample all the wine we wanted, eat all the great food we wanted, and learn a little bit more about the vineyard. The tour we took was slightly shorter, led by owner Rob Deford, but he treated us to a discussion on growing and grafting the grapes. I imagine many of the case club members have already taken the regular tour (which looks at the grounds, the machinery, and the aging barrels), so this one was more educational in the areas we don’t normally learn about.

One nice treat was the glasses. Whenever you visit for a tasting, which costs a mere $5 on weekends, you get to take a Boordy glass home with you. For the case club event, we were able to take a glass home with us but since we were Vintner’s Club (I think that means we bought more than three cases? we weren’t sure), we were treated to these lovely, taller, Riesling/Zinfandel glasses:
Boordy Vintner's Club Glasses

All in all, a fantastic time, I only wish someone else was the designated driver! 🙂

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