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A Quick Snack on the Banks of the Rhine

August 12th · No Comments

After climbing up the 509 stairs of the Koln Cathedral, Martha and I were in the mood for a little rest, a little hefeweizen (of course!) and a little snack. We walked down to the Rhein garten, a walking and biking path that tracks the Rhine River, for a little stroll and to find a place to sit.

We stopped at Stretung Vertretung, a restaurant with ample outdoor seating a few hundred meters from the path down from the Koln Cathedral, to have a couple .5 L Frankiskaners and a cheese plate (Leckere Kaseplatte, to be exact). While there, we got to chatting with a friendly older couple who lived in the area. Martha had a chance to practice her German, I had a chance to practice my deciphering skills!

They let us try a bit of their blutwurst (blood sausage) and a blutwurst pizza with apple and onion slices. The blutwurst pizza, called kolsche mista, has its origins in Koln!

The cheese plate was pretty good. It actually had five cheeses on it, not three, and I thoroughly enjoyed the sweet and spicey fig sauce in the middle. I wish I could recall the cheeses on the plate itself but there was a good mix of cheeses where everyone would find one they like.

Our Cheese plate

Our Cheese plate

If you’re ever in the area, I recommend finding a place to sit outside and try to stir up a conversation with your neighbors (if they seem friendly!). I guarantee you’ll have a great time and make some new friends.

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