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A Completely Satisfied Enterprise Car Rental Story

March 21st · 1 Comment

For our trip to the Everglades (as part of our Miami Spring Break 2010 trip) we rented a car from Enterprise, the car rental company located in the Miami Convention Center. We chose them because our hotel, the Hyatt Regency, is physically connected to the convention center and it made the logistics much easier. We would later learn that there were other rental companies in the area, like an Avis within walking distance, but for now the prices were similar enough that convenience played a greater role in our decision.

Anyway, we rented a car and saw we were to get a gray PT Cruiser but the staff brought up a blue Hyundai Accent. It has been a while since I’ve driven a car with manual windows and locks, which were a little annoying considering all the tolls in Florida, but we managed. The one thing that we did notice was the interior didn’t seem spotless and there were stains on the driver’s seat, like someone spilled coffee or soda on themselves as they were driving.

We didn’t think much of it, had a great time in the Everglades, and returned the car. As we talked to a member of the staff, he apologized for the condition of the car (they hadn’t brought it up before and I never complained, because I didn’t think much of it) and asked what he could do to make sure I had a completely satisfied experience. To be honest, I was satisfied already but not “completely” satisfied, a minor distinction in my mind.

The price of the car was going to be around $33 so I thought about asking it be knocked down to $30, but I figured if I was going to get a discount I might as well let him open with a number. So I just asked them “I’d be completely satisfied if you could take a little off the rental” and he knocked ten bucks off. An all day rental for $23 isn’t too shabby and I can confidently say I’m completely satisfied!

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