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5 Money Saving Cruise Questions

February 15th · No Comments

I’m a big fan of cruises, mostly because they’re convenient and easy, and so I’m always eager to read articles that help me save money when I cruise. This week, we have an article by Lillian Africano of BudgetTravel.com in which she answers five cruise questions and offers tips on how to save money. Seasoned cruisers will know the answer to many of these questions, like whether loyalty programs are worth it, but you never know what you might learn.

For example, I didn’t know about “air deviations.”

In addition to offering air to cruisers, some lines also offer a compromise deal called “air deviation,” which allows you to book with the cruise but still choose your own carrier, route and flight times. The benefit is that the line will be aware of your flight schedule (and any delays), but again, there is no guarantee that they’ll hold the ship for you. Be aware that they also charge a one-time fee of between $25 and $50 per person for this “service.”

It is nice to not have to freak out (as much) in the event your flights run into any problems. When you consider most cruises are to warm destinations and the passengers are from frigid ones, it’s not surprising that people run into weather related problems.

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